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Preclinical research solutions

Wearable technology for cardiorespiratory monitoring in small mammals.

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Our solutions

DECRO the first cardiorespiratory monitoring jacket for small mammals

Our first product DECRO is the next generation of functional respiratory and cardiac monitoring in rodents. This non-invasive jacket enables unrestrained cardiorespiratory monitoring of small mammals. DECRO is intended for preclinical research and drug development.

A unique flow-metering technology.

We have developed a non-invasive cardiac and respiratory flow-metering technology based on inductive plethysmography. This technology is the combination of a high performance proprietary sensor, physiological models and advanced signal processing.

Connected monitoring

Wearable wireless multisensor module

Soft and breathable shirts embeding sensors

Full web monitoring and analysis software

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Timothe FLENET
Timothe FLENET
President - Scientific director
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Charles EYNARD
Technical Director
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Corinne SIMON
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Pierre-Yves GUMERY
Scientific advisor

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